Off to Patmos


Once boarded we explored and had lunch. Last year there was 99% Turkish people, this year there are so many nationalities although I think we’re still the only Brits. We opted for buffet lunch and the cultural diversity was reflected in the food choices. We couldnt resist pork chops, saveloy apple crumble and custard with a bit of chicken pasta thrown in. It was all delicious apart from the potato bake.

I decided at that point I would experiment with the Atkins Diet, well until the apple crumble anyway. 

We chilled in the sun on the quiet deck with Baileys iced coffees and were miffed when some lads came to use the basketball nets and started bouncing about, but ended up enjoying watching them in the end, they were very talented. They were moved when staff started setting up some speakers and putting together a bar area. Must have been at least 10 staff involved in this process. Each time new ones turned up they moved what the previous ones had done. Was very amusing and we waited ages to see the outcome but the lure of afternoon tea dragged us away. 

Never again will I turn my nose up at gluten free cakes. die for, and after scoffing those I realised I’d missed the scones,  jam & cream and had to go back for one. 

We arrived in Patmos as scheduled at 5pm. There was a ticket system for the tender boats which we could get after those who had booked a tour. It was so loud in the lounge waiting for announcements so we wandered down to deck one just in time for them to shout that they needed 8 more people so we jumped on. We sat right at the front with a big scary gap into the sea but the captain laughed and pointed to a handrail.

It was a smooth 15 minute crossing.

It’s a pretty little place and we wandered around the lovely little streets, stopped for Greek coffee and went back on board about 3 hours later. 
We opted for a late dinner. Might not be the best time. They had announced the a la carte was full, so the buffet was packed. So many groups of young people this year and horrendously noisy. 

We went from there to the Muses lounge and listened to Greek music from the house band and stayed for the main show event. 

It was a traditional Greek show about a love story it was lovely but not a patch on last years animation team, but still very enjoyable with a couple of strawberry daquiris and a Turkish delight – Malibu, white rum and pineapple.

Off to Rhodes tomorrow 🙂 Not setting alarms as the 7am we’ve arrived bing bong will wake us up.


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