Why is it always us? 


We arrived in Bafa at lunchtime and had the best katmer in a little place on the main road before the turn off to the Hotel Silva Oliva where we are staying. 

Mehmet greeted us and showed us to our room. Its all arranged into small blocks of 4 rooms. The rooms are very dated and paintwork is a bit crumbly but huge with the biggest bed in the world which turned out to be 2 large singles with a scary gap down the middle ! No one else around so perfect for much needed chill time. 

We ventured off down to the edge of the lake where there were 2 sunloungers and dozed while reading. Heaven. Well for about 15 minutes until 2 couples and their children appeared from the reeds and talked to each other as if they were the other side of the lake. We had no idea fishing was such a noisy sport.
Eventually they left and we dozed until the sun started to fade. We decided to go over to Kapikiri the village where we stayed last year. Its definitely the prettiest side of the lake with its gorgeous rustic village and views of the islands. Sadly the flamingos we saw last year have gone west, but plenty of other wildlife around. We decided to see if we could find someone to take us trekking the next day and stopped and spoke to the guy at Agora Pansiyon. The Agora is a stunning rustic place, the owner was a bit grumpy but hes anxiously awaiting the referendum results so fair enough. He said €50 euros for trekking, a deal as normally €38 euro each. At just short of 200tl it seemed high so we declined. 

We decided to go across to Karia Pansiyon where we stayed last year. We would have stayed there again but the price he wrote for us on his card jumped crazily when trying to book this time. Emin greeted us like old friends. As we were hungry we decided to stay for dinner. He was dismissive about menu and prices saying we were friends.

He said he would take us trekking for 150tl so we agreed we would meet him in the morning. After our ridiculously large bill we decided no way we would go. In 6 years we’ve never been charged extra for a side salad and the included chips never came despite asking twice. Feeling disillusioned we went back to our base asked our host Mehmet if he knew anyone to take us trekking and a few minutes later it was all arranged to meet Yusuf at the kahvehanesi at the top of Yaka village tomorrow at 11am. 80tl. That softened the blow of being ripped off by Emin. Seriously.. It does my head in. I emailed Emin and explained why we wouldn’t be joining him in the morning. 

We did however get some stunning sunset photos from Karia Pansiyon.

So looking forward to tomorrows trek, our reason for returning to Bafa.



Bye bye Bafa. Hello Celestyal Olympia :)


Despite the flaking walls, the bed gap issue and the lack of hot water I had decided to give Hotel Silva Oliva a glowing review on the basis of the wonderful hospitality from Mehmet. We hadn’t met the boss apart from at from distance after he tried to open our room to show some guests around yesterday afternoon.

We had a lovely breakfast, paid our bill from last night and then Mehmet told us the bill for our room was 190tl. John had 180 ready in his hand and said we were told 180.

The boss was outside and said it was 190. John showed his email saying 180tl. The guy argued that it should be 180tl per night but he was doing us a favour at 190tl. He later emailed to say he didnt mean he was trying to charge double. Anyway..silly man. Been in the job 3 weeks. Not going to make it a successful business like that.

The 1 hour drive to Kusadasi was uneventful and we found secure parking close by. 15tl a day til I told him in my best Turkish that we will use the Belediye one for 10tl. With the price dropped to 10tl a day we parked up and joined the boarding queue. I seriously think we’ve go on try & rip us off written on our foreheads.

So excited now. Got goosebumps when I saw our ship.

Boarding took a while, tight security but who cares, better safe than sorry.